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Savage River Mine Invests to Enhance Productivity, Efficiency and Safety

As Fleet Management applications continue to advance and deliver deeper and superior insights, they are becoming a vital investment for companies with fleets to stay competitive.

Gone are the days when real-time positioning systems were the benchmark for fleet management technology. Today, fleet management systems are capable of assessing asset health and reducing downtime, improving payload distribution, and acting as a digital blueprint for promoting efficient and safe driving. The more data that an application can extract, the more accurately an operation can assess and optimise operations and make smart strategic decisions.

In order to stay competitive, many mine sites are upgrading their networks to facilitate the requirements of these real-time, data-driven applications and there is real ROI on offer for when the right solution is implemented. The key is assessing the environmental challenges of a site, the current and future requirements of applications, and choosing the technology capable of executing these needs.

Grange Resources Savage River Mine in Tasmania saw the value in bringing state-of-the-art fleet management applications to their site and required an upgrade in their network to facilitate the data requirements. NBI assisted with this project on-site at Savage River Mine, Tasmania, installing the 3D-P Hornet Intelligent End Point to the Grange Resources fleet of dump trucks, loaders, graders, and dozers.

The NBI team was delighted to assist in delivering an effective network management facility to a very happy customer. With over 15 years of experience in delivering asset maintenance and management solutions, NBI possesses a unique understanding of how technology functions within a challenging and rugged environment.

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