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NBI Secures Preferred Partnership with Orlaco in Australia

The ever-increasing demand on heavy industry to improve productivity, efficiency, and safety makes choosing and employing the right technology critical.

Today, technology plays a vital role in keeping operations competitive.  Vision solutions for vehicles and machines are becoming an essential component (rather than just an accessory) and camera systems are being utilised for their ability to detect defects, guide machines, and improve safety.  They are also the driving force behind industrial automation.

With the right technology and vision solution, machines run with reliability, accuracy, and little downtime. Intelligent features that use parameters and algorithms to recognise patterns and take action, transformed cameras from a passive recording device to a proactive detection system.

However,  a camera on its own is not enough.  Fully autonomous vehicles also depend on various other technologies, such as sensors, 5G and Wi-Fi, GPS, lidar, and radar.  In industrial applications, it is vital these applications are robust, reliable, and fit for purpose to ensure ROI.  That is what makes choosing the right solution imperative.

Orlaco is a leading, global designer and manufacturer of robust camera and monitor solutions for several industries, including mining. Renowned for product quality and competitive pricing, Orlaco has built long-lasting relationships with many large manufacturers and distributors and works closely with OEMs around the world to integrate camera monitor systems.

Their innovative camera monitor systems offer additional safety and efficiency features, providing a view of winches, hooks and loads, and the areas behind or to the side of machines. All their products are manufactured in the Netherlands and designed to function in the harshest of conditions.

NBI is proud to announce that they have been appointed as a Preferred Partner for Orlaco.  In their official announcement, Orlaco said that NB Industries will be responsible for servicing and selling Orlaco products in the region.

“NB Industries in Mackay, Australia, has become our Preferred Partner for the Heavy Equipment market. They have been working with the mining sector in Queensland for over 15 years.  As a result, they have developed trusted partnerships with the best manufacturers and suppliers in the industry”.

NB Industries is excited to work with Orlaco to deliver their intelligent and robust vision solutions to heavy industries.  Focusing on the deployment of new technology and automation for the future, NBI is thrilled to align with respected and progressive brands that add value to clients Australia-wide.

If you would like to know more about how Orlaco’s vision solutions can improve the quality, efficiency, and safety of your operation, contact us today!