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NB Industries Proudly Announced as Sy-Klone International Australian Distributor

Keeping machines and operators protected while complying with ISO 23875 air quality standard is value that cannot be ignored

The harsh and rugged Australian landscape presents one of the most challenging environments for industry on the planet.  The extreme dry and dusty conditions make it particularly difficult to filter and deliver clean air to machines and their operators to keep them safe and healthy.

Some of the challenges for machines:

  • Short filter life
  • Debris in the engine
  • Oil contamination
  • Shorter maintenance cycles

Some of the challenges for operators:

  • Exposure to hazardous chemicals/dust
  • Poor cab pressurisation
  • Non-respirable air within the cab

To overcome these unique challenges, it’s important to choose air filtration products that are designed to meet the demands of mine sites and extreme environments, are efficient to implement, and that comply with regulatory requirements.

Sy-Klone International are industry leaders in air filtration solutions and have been working with heavy equipment OEMs and global distributors in the field for over 30 years. Their advanced air filtration products protect machines and their operators around the globe. They are aware of the many regulatory and environmental requirements, and design their products to meet or exceed these standards.

This includes compliance with the new international ISO 23875 (ISO/DIS 23875) Air Cabin Requirements  (RS20 in Qld) that provides a consistent approach to the design, testing, operation, and maintenance of air quality systems. This standard helps prioritise the protection of operators from exposure to respirable particulate such as silica, asbestos, and diesel particulate matter.

In line with the new ISO 23875 filter efficiency requirements, Sy-Klone International released a new line of high-efficiency, low-restriction efficient particulate air (EPA) filters that are 99 per cent efficient at 0.3 microns. Sy-Klone International’s Vice President for Sales and Marketing, Austin Browne said reducing downtime events while increasing air quality protection delivers mine operators a double win.

“Based on customer feedback, we engineered a new filter to bring industrial hygiene and maintenance teams a combo solution – a filter that advances health and safety programs and keeps machines running longer,” Browne said. 

NB Industries are proud to announce we have partnered with Sy-Klone International and are now an authorised Australian distributor.  We are excited to work with pioneers in the industry and help deliver innovative clean air solutions that add value and reduce risk for our clients.

National Director of Sales for NB Industries, Rob Greco, said he is excited to work with Sy-Klone International to deliver air filtration technology that no other product on the market can offer.  

Sy-Klone’s self-cleaning filtration design reduces site planning and service labour.  From onsite testing and case studies completed, we have seen filter life increase significantly and this provides huge cost savings.  Their HEPA filters not only help operators breathe easier, but HVAC systems stay clean and healthy and perform more efficiently,” Greco added.

NB Industries welcomes Sy-Klone International as a key partner in assisting you achieve operational safety goals with minimal disruption.  For more information on the ISO 23875 compliance regulations or to find out how Sy-Klone products can protect your assets, contact us on 0455 036 445 or email rob.greco@nbindustries.com.au.

For maintaining engine performance, check out the Series 9000® and the XLR Powered Precleaner®. For Cab filtration and pressurization, check out the RESPA®-CF2 and the RESPA®-FFX2.